Outsmart the odds with algorithm-powered UFC betting predictions

95% of sports bettors lose money, but you don't need to. Our algorithms provide the ultimate edge by projecting the true probabilities of outcomes and a strategy to take advantage of the discrepency between the true probabilities and betting odds.


Unleash your UFC betting potential with our advanced algorithms. Experience precise fight picks and go the distance projections, designed to provide you a unique edge in the realm of UFC prediction strategy.

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Algorithmically Generated UFC Picks

Our proprietary algorithm is designed to analyze and process a vast array of data to generate highly accurate predictions for UFC fights. Whether you are an experienced bettor or just starting out, our projections will give you a competitive edge over the market.

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Goes The Distance Projections

Inrease your profits further with projects of whether a fight goes the distance. This can be used to bet on individually or parlayed with the projected winner.

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For the serious sports bettor, having a strong community is important to optimize returns. Our discord community consists of people like you who are looking to use our algorithms to their full potential, and our melting pot of ideas is unmatched

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  • Algorithmically generated probabilities regarding fighters winning their fights
  • Mathematically calculated optimal bets
  • Algorithmically generated probabilities regarding whether a fight goes the distance
  • Discord role and access to a talented betting community
  • Additional upcoming features at no added cost